Healey Hall

Healey Hall


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A historic house for historic occasions

Healey Hall, just a mile from Healey Barn, is a perfect place for families and friends to stay.

Super-comfortable and beautifully appointed, Healey is a world apart from the everyday, a haven where you can truly relax and make yourself at home - in style.

There are so many ways to make your stay here wonderful and unforgettable.


The Hall

(Sleeps 20)

Stable Cottage


Coach House

(Sleeps 6)


Healey History

Surrounded by the sloping, wooded acres of the Healey Estate, the site of Healey Hall has been inhabited for hundreds of years. An outpost of The Knights Templar during the Middle Ages, it continued life as a fortified settlement when the borders of Scotland and England were known as The Debatable Lands.

Healey Hall, as we now know it, was completed in 1834. Since then, it has played host to glittering balls, house parties, concerts, garden fetes, sporting weekends and family weddings.

Healey Hall truly comes alive when festivities are afoot.

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Healey Hall, Healey, Northumberland, NE44 6BH